Living Room Ideas to Control Clutter

Your living room is the first thing most of your guests will notice. Therefore, you don’t want it to be dirty. Creating a clutter-free living room is the first step toward a clutter-free house.

Using the right tools and tweaking your attitude can help you get the best room. If you are not in the habit of living in a cluttered environment, you should design your living room accordingly.

How To Keep The Living Room Clutter Free?

Keeping your living room clutter free is pretty straightforward. Since you will be using the living room for almost all your daily activities, you should implement the right things. It can often become the home to various functions and enjoyment.

Given below are some of the common ways through which you can keep the living room clutter free:

1. Get Built-In Storage Furniture

Built-in storage furniture is one of the best ways to save space in your living room. The furniture that has built-in storage has some extra space. Therefore, you can keep everything you don’t need in storage, which will play an essential role in saving space.

There will be less risk of clutter when there’s enough space in your kitchen. You can visit Keeka website to find the furniture of your choice. However, make sure to choose furniture that complements the interior design of your house.

2. Get A Wastebasket

If you want your living room to be clutter-free, you should get a wastebasket. This will act as an efficient space that collects all the trash. Few living rooms have a clutter basket. When getting a wastebasket for your living room, use the smaller ones.

Many people dont prefer getting wastebasket, mainly because many families consider that these baskets smell and are not aesthetically pleasing. However, you must know that various waste baskets are designed to fit the house’s appeal.

If you are likely to throw wrappers around, you should get the wastebasket. It would help if you got a wastebasket that has a lid. Apart from that, you can also get deodorizing trash bags.

3. Build A Play Zone

If you have kids in your house, you must build dedicated play zones for them. Often, the toys your kids will take over the living room may happen, and it can be quite challenging to arrange those.

If there are corners in your living room, turn it into a play zone. You can install furniture to create a difference, and it is advisable to check Maxave to find a prominent play zone furniture. They can fulfill all your needs and demands when it comes to furniture.

The corners can be one of the best areas to create a play zone. You can install a small bookcase or children’s table. Since your child is likely to create clutter, install some roll bins too. After playing with their toys, they can fill the toys in those bins.

4. Get the Right Lighting

Lighting can play an essential role in enhancing the impact of your living room. If you feel that the living room is too small, you should get the proper lighting. Bright lights can help to make your small living room appear bigger.

This is one of the most prominent ways to prevent any negative impact. One of the main reasons your living room appears cluttered is if there are a lot of items and it’s small. The bright colored lights will help you make the small living room bigger.

It is advisable to install the lights around the corners to spread evenly. You can get bright LED lights from You can check out their collection on the website.

5. Decorate the Pillows

Believe it or not, suitable decorative pillows can help to reduce clutter. To make your living room appear clutter-free, you should include or decorate the pillows. You need to know what the purpose of your cushion is.

Once you know what the pillow will be used for, you can divide their usage accordingly. If you do not use any pillows, you can also donate them.

6. Organize Everything

The critical way to keep your kitchen clutter-free is to organize everything. You should focus on small things and make the right choice. When your living room has too many elements, organizing can be one of the best ways to keep it clutter-free.

First of all, you should identify what the purpose of each element is. It will play an essential role in enhancing the appearance of your living room. However, this can be a time-consuming process. Therefore, make sure that you’re dedicating enough time to it.


Keeping your living room clutter-free requires time and effort, especially with kids and pets. You should spare some time each week and organize the things around your living room. Furthermore, it would help if you got only things you will be using. It would help if you made the right choice of elements in your living room. Make sure that you have fewer things so that you can keep the space clutter-free.